AA Aqua RC Boat Review

In the summer months, it’s no doubt that people love to spend their time near the water. One fun way to pass the time is with RC boats. They are high speed and are fun for people of all ages.

Altair Aerial has recently released two new RC boats, just in time for summer. Today I will be taking a closer look at the AA Aqua which is one of the new boats. Altair is known for its affordable drones, so I’m curious to see how their RC boats line up. At first glance, the AA Aqua seems exciting with it’s bright red and black design. Keep reading to see if it’s right for you.

AA Aqua RC Boat

Inside the Box:

Here’s everything that comes with the AA aqua:

  • 1 x fully assembled boat
  • 2 x Li-ion batteries
  • 1 x Radio Controller
  • 1 x Rubber Cap
  • 1 x Boat Mount
  • AA Aqua Beginner RC Boat

    Battery Life

    Right out of the box, you’ll see that the AA Aqua comes with two batteries. I love that Altair Aerial does this because that means that you can sail your boat for double the time.

    One battery runs for about 8-10 minutes so with both fully charged batteries this means that you can drive for up to 20 minutes. This is about an average running time for RC boats of this size in my experience, but I was glad to see that such an affordable boat was able to run for this long.

    However, it does take a while for you to completely charge the battery. A dead battery will take over 3 hours to completely charge. This was somewhat disappointing to me, but be sure to keep the charging time in mind when heading out to the waters to sail.

    Speed and Range

    Speed and range are two factors I always look for when trying out a new RC boat. I personally want something that can go far and can go fast.

    The AA Aqua can reach distances of up to 390 feet and stays in control pushing these distances. This is about the range you’d find with most RC boats on the market so I was glad that the AA Aqua was able to hold up to its competitors.

    One thing that kind of disappointed me about the AA Aqua was the speed, as it only reaches approximately 15 mph. I love being able to reach high speeds in the water and there are a lot of other boats that are able to go much faster. However, I will say that any younger driver or beginner will enjoy this easier speed as they learn how to drive an RC boat.

    Trim Functions

    The remote control for the AA Aqua comes with trim functions. I wanted to explain these because at a glance, they seem kind of confusing, but ultimately they do help you control your boat better.

    The AA Aqua’s controller has four trim function buttons on it. The top two help control the forward and backward movements of the boat and the bottom two help control the left and right. I suggest using these if your boat is not turning as well as it should be. Using these controls will help you move your boat in the desired directions.

    I will say that these functions do take some getting used to and a lot of hand-eye coordination. It took me a few minutes to get accustomed to them so I would recommend that children or beginners hold off on using the trim functions until they understand better how the boat drives and are comfortable driving it.

    Altair Aerial AA Aqua

    Anti-Capsize Hull System

    The AA Aqua comes with an Anti-Capsize Hull System that I do want to make a note of for you.

    If you run into rough waters as you’re driving and your boat turns over, the anti-capsize system will help you return your boat to its upright position. I wanted to test out how well this works because to me it’s really important that a boat is able to do this.

    I headed out to the lake with the AA Aqua and the waves were rolling. My boat did end up turning over so I had to put the anti-capsize system to the test. All I had to do was turn the wheel back and forth to begin rocking the boat back and forth, then with one big turn of the wheel, the boat flipped right over, back to its upright position. It took less than a minute and I was back driving through the water. I’m so impressed with how easy this is, and I think beginners will really appreciate this in case something happens to their boat while they are still learning.

    Final Thoughts on the AA Aqua

    I really enjoyed driving this new RC boat from Altair Aerial and it’s nice to see them branching out from the drones they’re known for selling.

    The AA Aqua is extremely affordable and will run you about $79.80. For less than $100, you are getting some great features and a super fun boat to have for the summer. I would definitely recommend this boat for families with older children that love spending time outside. The AA Aqua will provide you with tons of fun.

    My only complaint is the speed, as I personally wish it went a little faster. But nonetheless this still an amazing RC boat that I loved being able to test out. Plus, with Altair Aerial’s amazing customer service, you really cannot go wrong trying out the AA Aqua.

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