Altair Aerial AA Wave RC Boat Review

If you have a need for speed and love spending time outdoors, we have a new hobby for you to try that you’re bound to love. RC boats. RC boats are brightly colored, high-speed boats that you can drive on ponds, lakes, and pools. They are awesome and while we usually stick to reviewing drones we couldn’t pass up the chance to share this new RC boat with you. Especially since this boat comes from a brand we’ve reviewed before, Altair Aerial. While Altair is known for their affordable drones, they’ve recently released the AA wave, a new beginner-friendly RC boat. I’m here today to try it out for the first time so you can check it out and see if it’s right for you.

AA Wave Altair Aerial RC Boat

Inside the Box

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 1 x Fully Assembled Boat
  • 2 x Li-ion Batteries
  • 1 x Radio Controller
  • 1 x Rubber Cap
  • 1 x Boat Mount
  • Altair Aerial AA Wave

    Anti-Capsize System

    Altair Aerial claims that the AA Wave has an anti-capsize system that will help turn the boat upright if it’s flipped over in rough waters. This was one of the first features I tested just to see how well it actually works. I purposely flipped my boat over in the water and then used the controller to rock the wheel back and forth until the boat flipped upright again. This process was quick and easy and I was able to get the boat speeding across the water in no time. This is a great feature that comes with such an affordable boat.

    Remote Trim Functions

    There are four trim functions that are on the AA wave’s remote. Now, trim functions can be a little tricky to understand at times and I wanted to make sure that they worked well enough that even a beginner or younger driver would be able to use them. I will say that it does take a great deal of hand-eye coordination to be able to use these trim functions perfectly, but I wouldn’t let this stray any beginner away from trying this boat out. Just be sure to drive at slower speeds and easy waters and you should be able to sail this boat just fine.

    Here are how the trim functions work. The top two buttons help control the forward and backward functions of the boat, and the bottom two buttons help control left and right. The buttons are there for you to use in case your boat isn’t quite moving as accurately as you’d like. With a little bit of practice, you should be able to grasp the trim functions.

    Battery Life

    I was really excited when I saw that the AA wave came with two batteries. This means that you can drive your boat for double the time. One battery lasted me about 8 minutes so I got about a total of 16 minutes of driving time with the AA wave. This is a pretty average amount of driving time and the fact that you get an extra battery for free with an already affordable boat is pretty cool.

    Speed and Range

    When buying an RC boat you will always want to check the speed and range of it. For the AA wave, it can be controlled at up to 390 feet and can reach speeds of 25 mph. When I drove it for the first time I was impressed at how well the boat stayed in control even pushing distances of 390 feet. The AA wave matches up to other boat’s I have tested in the past which fall into this 300-400 feet range.

    The speed of the AA wave reaches 25 mph which in my opinion is average at best. I have seen other boats on the market that can reach much higher speeds, but when taking the price and other features into consideration, this boat is still great. If speed is not the most important feature to you, you are sure to have tons of fun racing through the waters with this boat at 25 mph.

    Altair Aerial AA Wave RC Boat

    Final thoughts – AA Wave

    It’s hard to find as good of a deal on an RC boat as his one. It costs just $69.80. Most boats with similar features cost more than $100 and I can honestly say you’re getting a great deal with the AA wave.

    I believe this boat is great for hobbyists of all ages, especially beginners looking to pick up something new and fun. However, if you’re experienced with RC boats and are looking to show off with a sleek new racer, this boat is sure to impress other hobbyists. If you’ve been considering buying an RC boat for a while now, we definitely recommend testing out the waters with the AA Wave.

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