Altair AA818 Plus Drone Review

Altair AA818 Plus Drone Review

Drones that come with cameras have transformed the aerial photography industry. These tools have revolutionized the way people looked at aerial photography. In addition to that, people who were fond of car racing toys in their childhood, find drone flying an exciting hobby.

Getting the perfect aerial shot is now possible thanks to the many drones that have made their way into today’s market. They help photographers to capture shots at an elevation an angle which was previously impossible with a traditional camera.

Although a few high-end models come with exorbitant price tags, there are also some affordable models to satisfy a hungry photographer.

Altair AA818 Plus Drone with Wifi Camera RC Quadcopter Altitude Hold 15 Min Flight Time

If you are looking for a commercial-grade drone that helps you to take your drone flying and aerial photography interests to the next level, then nothing works better than the Altair AA818 Plus. The model comes with several unique features that make it rank one of the top models among thousands of consumers.

About The Product

The drone offers incredible features and is an exceptionally durable product, thanks to its tough built. It is designed to allow you fly the drone with ultimate convenience and the advanced-level camera aids your photography projects with its brilliant performance.

Now, everyone can enjoy flying and shooting with an easy to operate a drone, thanks to this model. You get a remarkable 120 Degree Wide-Angle 720P HD camera to deliver excellent photos.

The model is one of best drones for kids, beginners, and amateurs who want to purchase their first quadcopter and practice aerial photography.

However, an incredible flight time and a durable built make it an exceptional choice for expert pilots who like to use the model for their flying and shooting projects. Although many models promise to deliver a flawless performance, not many deliver a classy performance such as the Altair AA818.

One of the best features of the Altair AA818 is that it offers custom route models to its users. This feature implies that users can plan a custom flight line with the help of their smartphones to ensure that the drone is flying just where they want it too.

Features And Benefits

Unlike other conventional models in the market, this model utilizes an advanced level technology in its production.

With intuitive controls, a trendy design and a solid built; you get many notable features to make your drone flying experience extremely convenient. The model is built to fly for as long as 15 minutes and covers an impressive range.

A few of these features and listed below:

  • Low battery alarm to alert the pilot
  • A perfect model for amateurs or beginners to polish their drone flying skills
  • ​Guarantees up to 15 minutes of flight time
  • 720p Real Time FPV


This high-quality rubber damping camera drone delivers real-time video with a 120-degree wide-angle 720P HD camera. This feature means you can capture mesmerizing images in bird’s eye view, from your phone.

Altair AA818 Plus Drone with Wifi Camera RC Quadcopter Altitude Hold 15 Min Flight Time


Apart from being easy to fly, this quadcopter features many benefits to help first-timers and amateurs. Thanks to its Headless Mode and a one-button landing and take-off, you will never have trouble flying this beauty.

It is built to offer a stable flight while the tough built ensures long-lasting fun. This feature makes the model a great gift to present to your kids or loved ones who are looking for some drone flying fun.

You can also fly it indoors to practice your skills. Since it has a longer range than most conventional drones, it is a popular favorite among people who like to cover events and capture incredible photos. The impressive 15 minute flight time offers a high-quality video.

Thanks to its hi-tech remote control technology, landing options, and low battery alarm, you will never crash or lose your drone.

The AA818 passes strict quality checks before reaching the consumer. Hence, you get nothing but the best of specs and a glitch-free flying experience.

This reason is why it is safe for your kids or beginners who don’t know much about drones. If you are still learning to fly a drone and need to polish your aerial photography skills, this is the model that you should buy.

What Others Are Saying

Drone lovers who have purchased the Altair AA818 are in love with the impressive performance of this model. It has unbeatable features and is fairly easy to operate. Hence, it is immensely popular among beginners or first-timers.

However, the model has received rave reviews from experts as well. Thanks to its efficient battery and great quality construction, this drone is built to last longer flights. It guarantees a smooth and stable flight with a great feature to help flyers customize their routes.

Altair AA818 Plus Drone with Wifi Camera RC Quadcopter Altitude Hold 15 Min Flight Time


This tool is great to help kids practice their drone flying passion. It is safe to operate, fly and easy fairly easy to maintain.

Buying Advice

The Altair AA818 is best known for its intuitive controls, alarms and flight time. It is a perfect accessory to help you with your photography adventures. Since it is compact and easy to assemble; you can also consider it as a valuable traveling accessory.

If you are looking for a tough, durable and high-quality drone that captures amazing pictures for you, then the Altair AA818 lives up to your expectations. This device is a perfect companion for your recreational, sports and adventure photography.

It is built to help both amateurs and professionals. You can purchase the model from

Final Verdict

It is not uncommon to come across many cheap and mediocre drones that offer little functionality. Not only these products are a waste of your money, but they can also cause unexpected accidents and injuries if they don’t have user-friendly controls.

This part is where the AA818 beats its rivals. This model comes with impressive features, an efficient battery, and a great remote control. You get a brilliant flying performance and an impressive flight time. It currently ranks one of the best drones for both experts and beginners.

Take a look at this article on for more information on why the AA818 Hornet is a great drone for kids!

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