Altair Aerial #AA108 Camera Drone Review

Altair Aerial #AA108 Camera Drone Review

Since the past two years, big brands have stepped up their game by manufacturing the latest of outdoor quadcopter drones with cameras. Today, there are tons of models that are available for fairly low prices. This feature gives the amateur hobbyist to explore exotic places, such as beaches and canyons.

Moreover, they also serve as popular devices to cover sports events such as a soccer game. To learn the basics of operating an outdoor quadcopter that comes with a camera, you must choose a model that features intuitive controls.

It should also boast a tough built to offer maximum durability and optimal results. Since the market features all kinds of models; it is challenging to purchase a model that is both affordable and well-designed.

Altair #AA108 Camera Drone


The Altair Aerial AA108 is an incredible drone for both amateurs and advanced users. It features customizable three skill levels of flight controls to make it a highly pleasurable experience for any pilot.

This model benefits from the latest of advancements utilized by the leading drone manufacturing companies. Moreover, it also comes with an additional battery for a prolonged flight time. First-time buyers can also get significant help from the many videos on the Altair Tutorials page to get them started.

The Altair AA108 operates on a miniature 1S LiPo battery. This one cell battery guarantees a good torque and airtime. It claims to deliver an impressive flight time of 10 minutes. Hence, the Altair AA108 is considered one of the best products that fall within this price range.

What Comes In the Package

  • 1 AA108 Drone completely assembled
  • 1 Direction book
  • ​1 USB Charging Cable
  • ​1 Propeller Installation kit with a screwdriver
  • 1 Memory Card Reader
  • ​4 Extra Propellers
  • 2 Batteries
  • 4 Extra rubber foot guards


Thanks to a detailed direction book, the whole process of operating the drone become extremely convenient. Since it is nicely indexed and easy to comprehend, the instruction book serves as a valuable source to offer maximum information about how to benefit from this drone.

It is also fairly easy to assemble. Thanks to an easy setup, users report assembling the equipment in less than 10 minutes. It takes no time to put this product together. Assemble the product and download the app to your device.

Altair #AA108 Camera Drone


Next, switch on the drone and connect it to WI-Fi. With just a push of the button, you get to enjoy the complete control of the model and the incredible 720p HD Camera that it offers for exceptional real-time video. The Altair AA108 operates with the FlyingSee app that works with both iOS and Android devices.

Critics and users have praised the Altair AA108 for its camera that comes with a small CMOS sensor built into its frame. The model offers a wide-angle lens, 120 degrees to be exact.

Thanks to its high FOV, the model is capable of gathering a lot of light for brighter footage. Although there is no image stabilization, you get a vivid picture that makes it a hugely popular product. One of the best things about its miniature camera is that it supports FPV as well.

Launched by Altair Aerial, which is a small company situated in Nebraska. The brand is committed to delivering high-quality products to its customer-base. The company's manufacturing philosophy is rooted in its dedication to producing the safest and latest of high-end products.

This reason is why the Altair AA108 emerges as a winner. It ranks as one of the easiest and most affordable drones to fly. Thanks to its incredible camera performance, it is a perfect gift for people of all ages and professions. It is designed for skilled and amateur users, but particularly popular among beginners.

The controller features an out-of-range alarm with an emergency stop function to halts the drone dead by stopping all four propellers. This feature is great for practicing your drone flying skills.

What Others Are Saying

Drone enthusiasts who have invested in this product consider it a valuable purchase. When it comes to intuitive features and an efficient battery, not too many products can beat this model. This reason is why most customers consider it an incredible drone.

Users are particularly happy with convenient controls and a smooth operating performance. Since it is designed to serve both amateurs and professionals, it is a great model for beginners. If you are purchasing your first ever quadcopter that offers an exceptional flying and camera performance; then this is the model to buy.

The Altair also has features custom route modes. This feature allows the users to draw a custom flight line on the screen of the smartphone and the drone will fly accordingly.

Buying Advice

The AA108 works like a champ when it comes to quality craftsmanship and latest manufacturing techniques. The Aerial AA108 Drone is ideal for all recreational, photography and flying projects. Thanks to its three different skill levels, it is a perfect accessory for all individuals.

Altair #AA108 Camera Drone


It doesn't matter if you are a first time user or a flight master, you can safely invest in this product to enjoy a flawless drone flying experience.

The product enjoys a decent rating score on and has received dozens of positive reviews from customers. If you are looking for an efficient quadcopter that is durable and easy to use, then the AA108 is the model for you. It is available on Amazon for an incredible for almost $130 with free shipping.

Final Verdict

When we look at the ever-growing done manufacturing industry, it is easy to come across several cheap products that fail to last even for a year. It is important to choose a model not based on its price, but its features, performance and durability and the AA108 fit the bill.

When it comes to fine real-time video or a decent flying time, the product never disappoints its users. It is one of the best available models for both pro pilots and beginners.

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