Altair Aerial Falcon Drone Review

falcon kids drone

Drones are an amazing technology that has made their way to commercial markets for everyone to enjoy. People have found hours of fun flying through the air and taking stunning photos and videos. The possibilities with drones are endless and their technology advances every day.

You may have seen a few other drone reviews on our site from Altair Aerial, and they’ve recently released a new drone model the Falcon. This is a great beginner-friendly drone that’s incredibly affordable and I was especially excited to fly it for the first time.

Falcon Altair Aerial Drone

Inside the Box

Straight out of the box, I was glad to see that the Falcon comes completely assembled. All you have to do is insert the drone’s battery and find 4 AA batteries for the controller. One great thing about the Falcon is that it comes with two batteries and one of mine came partially charged so I was able to get flying pretty quickly.

Here’s everything that comes with the Falcon:

  • 1 x fully assembled drone
  • 2 x Li-ion batteries
  • 1 x Phone Mount
  • 1 x Radio Controller
  • 1 x Spare spare parts pack
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Falcon Altair Aerial Unboxing

    Autonomous Hovering & Positioning System

    The Falcon comes with an autonomous hovering & positioning system that’s unique to Altair Aerial. What this system does is keep your drone hovering in place at all times, even if you were to take your hands off the controller. This system works very well and takes some of the stress of learning how to fly away for beginners. As a more experienced drone pilot, I a system like this would be great for beginners, and even better for kids.

    With this feature, Altair Aerial has now made it easier than ever for beginners and children to start learning the basics of flying drones and help people improve on their skills.

    Flight Modes

    You will be able to switch between three different flight modes with the Falcon. Each mode runs at a different speed so a range of people with different skill levels will be able to enjoy this drone. To switch between modes you will use the right joystick on the controller. By pressing it down you will hear different beeps that indicate which mode you are in.

    One beep indicates that you are in the slowest mode. This mode is ideal for beginners and children and will allow them to best get the hang of flying. If you have been flying drones for a while, you probably will find this mode somewhat limiting, but I did enjoy flying in this mode when I first started as it allowed me to get accustomed to the controller.

    If you press the joystick again you should hear two beeps. This means that you are in an intermediate mode and the drone will fly faster. If you’ve flown drones before you will enjoy flying in intermediate mode as it’s not too fast, but not too slow.

    Pressing the joystick a third time will sound off three beeps. This third mode is the fastest and most advanced. It’s not recommended for any new pilot. However, I personally found this mode the most exciting. Anyone who has been flying drones for a while now and has a need for speed will be able to easily maneuver the Falcon in this mode.

    Falcon Kids Drone

    Other Features

    There are some other features on the Falcon that you should know about before you decide to purchase this drone.

    One feature that many consumers look for when buying a drone is the range that it can fly. The Falcon has a range of approximately 50 meters. While this is not as far as some more professional grade drones, it’s still a great flight range for the price. Again, this is a great range for kids who are learning to fly because the drone can’t fly out of their eyesight so there’s no need to worry about the drone getting lost or damaged.

    Flight time goes hand in hand with flight range and is important to many if not all drone pilots. The Falcon can fly for about 8-10 minutes on one battery. One great thing about Altair Aerial is that they’ve thrown in a second battery so you can fly for double the time. This means nearly 20 full minutes of flying which is a great deal.

    The flight range and battery life are great for beginners because it allows them to remain in control of their drone at all times and they get plenty of practice time with the drone’s two batteries. I really enjoyed being able to fly for an extended period of time even after the first battery died.

    Altair Aerial Falcon Kids Drone

    Altair Aerial Falcon – An Ideal Drone For Kids

    The Falcon is ideal for kids for a number of reasons.

    First, it’s priced amazingly. At $129.80 you won’t be breaking the bank and if your child has been begging you to buy them a drone, this is a great drone to start with. Also, it has a sleek all-black design, and a compact controller and model so it will be the perfect size for any kid, not too big.

    The autonomous hovering and positioning system is fitting for any new pilot and they can be sure that they will be able to stay in control of their drone throughout the entire flight. And once a beginner pilot starts learning more they will be able to challenge themselves with intermediate and advanced flying modes.

    Overall, this drone is impressive and comes with many great features. I would definitely recommend it because of its affordability and how well-suited it is for children and families.

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