Altair Tomahawk Drone Review

altair aerial tomahawk camera drone

Drones make it as easy as possible to get the most spectacular shots possible. They allow us to reach new heights, explore new possibilities, and share the experience through videos and photographs taken by our drones.

Like the previously reviewed Altair Aerial AA818 Plus, the Tomahawk has competitive pricing that won’t execute your wallet, has unique capabilities, and is incredibly easy to fly.

aa tomahawk drone

Easy to Fly

The Tomahawk is an impressive drone that is actually very easy to fly, even if this is your first time ever flying a drone. This makes it possible for even kids to fly, no matter how old they may be.

The controller features quite a few buttons that may have you a little confused at first, but if you take the time to sit down and understand what each one is for and what they do, you’ll have no problem getting the hang of them quickly in the field when the Tomahawk is in the air.

This is a drone that responds incredibly well to the controls, by the way. Before you know it, you can move on from using the simple inputs to using Professional Mode and performing a number of aerial tricks and more complex maneuvers.

It comes with Altitude Hold as the default flight mode, but Professional Mode allows you to do so much more when it’s enabled, including total control over the altitude of the drone. If you want to perform some tricks, but you’re not comfortable enough with Professional Mode yet, you can always use the 3D flips and rolls button, too.

altair aerial tomahawk

Features and Benefits

The Tomahawk uses a lot of exceptional gear that makes it an absolute dream to fly. The brushless motors give you more flight power and speed while the high landing gear makes landing worry-free and as easily done as possible.

The only features present are Altitude Hold, Professional Mode and the 3D flips and tricks button, which justifies the fact that the Tomahawk is a drone that’s both easy to fly and easy to understand.

One of the greatest benefits that the Tomahawk has is the fact that you don’t need to provide a TF flash card unless you want one. The Bugs GO application that is used with the drone already gives you up to 8 GB of space for your videos and photos.

Though it takes 5 hours to charge a single battery, you get up to 17 minutes of flight time, which is approximately 2 minutes longer compared to the AA818 Plus and all of the other drones Altair Altair has put forth thus far.

The Tomahawk also features propeller guards, something that wasn’t seen on one of their previous, more high-tech drones, the Blackhawk, which ensures that you don’t have to worry about the propellers breaking and possibly having to invest in new ones.

altair aerial tomahawk features

altair aerial tomahawk camera

The C5000 Action Camera

The C5000 camera may not be anything new, but the camera mount that it uses sure is!

It still boasts the same 720 HD quality for both photos and videos, but just because it’s the same camera used in Altair Aerial’s previous drones, it doesn’t mean this is a bad thing. If anything, it shows how good the quality is and they don’t want to stray from it.

The camera mount, however, is something that’s entirely brand new. You can swap the C5000 out for any action camera from the GoPro Hero line or another action camera that’s similar in size, so there’s a lot you can do with the Tomahawk camera-wise.

The fact that you can swap the C5000 camera out for a wide variety of action cameras of the same size gives you endless possibilities if you’re a serious photographer and are way past working with 720p HD quality, so the Tomahawk is something that any drone user can go for, whether you’re an expert or a beginner flyer.

The Tomahawk – Perfect for Beginners and Experts Alike

In general, the Tomahawk is something that literally anyone can make use of, whether you have experience in flying a drone or not.

The fact that you can customize it to your heart’s content just proves that point further, in regard to the C5000 camera. You’re able to change Altitude Hold Mode, which, again, is the default flight mode, to Professional Mode once you’re more comfortable with it.

Overall, the Tomahawk is incredibly impressive. The price that comes with it won’t leave you penniless, as well!

altair aerial tomahawk camera drone


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