Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter Review

Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter Review

Traxxas is a reputed name in RC cars and trucks. The company also dipped its toes into new waters by launching the LaTrax Alias, a 235mm beginner-oriented quad. However, they are now back with a new powerful product with an impressive 370mm brushless-powered quad, known as the Aton.

It is apparent by looking at the Aton designed by professionals who possess a history of creating race cars. The product features a clean and sleek profile with vivid bright colors that instantly grab your attention.

About The Product

When the model is on the ground, it appears as a tough product that beats its competitors with its aggressive stance. The Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter is a versatile machine that offers stunningly stabilized aerial images.

Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter


This product serves as your very own assistant to make all your flying and shooting experiences fun and convenient.

Features And Benefits

This feature means that the model is great for both amateurs and pro pilots. One of the best things about the Aton is that it practically flies itself with auto take off and complete directional control. It is hugely popular among beginners thanks to its easy flying controls. With just a press of the button, the Aton safely returns to base.

Users praise the model for its three different flight modes to serve both experienced and amateur pilots. The model works with impressive speeds with a strong capability to deliver advanced maneuvers. The Aton is capable of doing it all by being a great device for all beginners, experts, and professionals.

Let us take a look at the three different modes of this product to give you an idea how this works for a multitude of flying and photography projects. Thanks to these capabilities, the Aton helps you to accomplish more than you can with any conventional product.

Film Mode

Aton offers a great way to capture stunning images and videos in the film mode. Not only you get exceptional images and a beautiful video quality, but the intuitive controls also make the entire experiences visually effortless.


  • No previous drone flying experience needed
  • Intuitive controls to capture videos and images
  • ​No complicated setup
  • Guaranteed to offer a quiet performance
  • Returns to home with just a press of a button

Sport Mode

When first-time users become familiar with the model, they can experiment with the sports mode to experience a unique level of fun. This model gives a more control of the drone for a faster and more athletic performance.

Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter


Thanks to the model’s 6-axis flight stability, you can explore more with this device and benefit from air brakes to make it come back and land, by just pressing a button. The device flips and rolls to give you a versatile flying experience.


  • Fly like a professional
  • Exciting and fun-filled flying
  • ​Enjoy more control over the model
  • ​Experiment with rolls and aerobatic flips
  • Faster speed for shooting fast-moving objects
  • Use air brakes for stopping and making the model hover

Expert Mode

As the name suggests, this mode is suitable for the expert and skilled pilots who can accomplish exceptional thanks to this mode. Users can unleash the Aton's complete performance potential to do everything they want and fly in any way they please.

You always have the safety of air brakes and the capability of making it return to home safely

You can also plan by applying air brakes, while the model hovers in the air, waiting for your next step.


  • Ultimate performance and high-level speed
  • Air brakes
  • ​Tough brushless motors
  • Modifiable settings with its app


One of the best things about this model is that the Aton boasts high output LEDs to light up the sky. This feature means you have full control of your flight, even at night. Users can also change the colors of the body panels and lenses to get better visibility under unique conditions.

The Traxxas iD batteries work well with an inclusive range of EZ-Peak chargers. Simply, plug in the battery and press start. Moreover, the Traxxas Flight Link app enables the users to utilize their smartphone to modify the model's settings including control rates, flight ceiling and geofence radius.

Another great thing about this model is that Aton contains open source software components that are compatible with several different programs such as Mission Planner to let the user view his flights on maps.

What Others Are Saying

Customers who purchased the Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter Drone consider it one of the latest and most functional products that are currently available. Not only can it run at high speeds, but it also delivers high quality stabilized aerial images with incredibly stabilized aerial images.

Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter


Users love the fact that they can simply direct Aton towards the subject and the model functions as the steady hand in the sky that seizes the moment from exhilarating vantage points. Buyers also like the fact that the model smoothly returns to home by simply pressing a button.

This automatic landing feature makes it a highly exciting model and ads to the convenience that the product offers. Thanks to its three different modes, people of all ages and skill-sets can experiment with this model.

The Aton is a remarkable choice if you want to replace your outdated quadcopter. This feature is a fun option for both amateurs and experts.

Buying Advice

If you loved playing with racing cars in childhood, the Aton is a great toy to satisfy your racing, flying and shooting endeavors. Once you become a pro at flying this beauty, you will never want to replace it with any other model.

It enjoys an impressive share of reviews on where users have given many positive reviews. Although it is a bit expensive than other models, it boasts plenty of features with an auto landing option that justifies its price tag. You can order it today from Amazon for $380 with just above $14 shipping fee.

Final Verdict

The Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter features impressive speeds and intuitive controls to experience an unforgettable experience. Thanks to its auto-landing and auto brakes your quadcopter will never crash. It is hard to believe what this small quadcopter is capable of delivering if you know the art of drone flying.

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